Replacement policy and warranty

Return and Return Rules Customers We are pleased to offer you the service of the possibility of return of the goods that have been purchased and in order to facilitate this service to you, you must meet the following conditions: - Return conditions The goods should be complete packaging (not open) with its catalog without any scratches on the same The case that was purchased for the first time. · The customer has the right to return the product (within 14 14 days only) from the date of purchase if he did not meet the purpose for which he was bought for the condition that the above points are available. · In the case of any defect in the product within eleven months from the date of purchase, refer to the after-sales service center to determine the possibility of repair or replacement or send to the authorized agent · Never allowed to return goods (which open once) such as batteries and accessories and links Except in the case of non-validity and be in (within 14 fourteen days) from the date of purchase. And that the original cover is not allowed at all to return mobile phones or computer programs and digital cameras. · Audio devices (loudspeakers and headphones) are not allowed to return unless they have a defect in their manufacture (14-14 days) from the date of purchase and after display at the service center. · Maintenance and warranty of the devices shall be with the authorized agent and the blogger with the warranty card attached to the product.